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Welcome to the Clubhouse!

Quality. Rarity. Variety.

EXTINCTIONS Club is a members-only website designed specifically for fossil collectors who are passionate about their collections. The EXTINCTIONS Club is a powerful resource that helps members acquire top quality fossils, redistribute old collections, discover rare books, search for hard-to-find supplies, and many other features that are exclusive to the Club, and not available on any of our public websites. Members get to preview ALL new fossils for sale before they post to the public catalogs. Members can also get 10% off ALL ITEMS in the EXTINCTIONS public catalogs, as well as free shipping to anywhere in the world! And if that is not enough, all members get FREE access to the EXTINCTIONS Club auctions, one of the most elite and exclusive fossil auctions in the world. Please review our Membership Program to see which level of membership is right for you. If you are serious about your fossil collection, the EXTINCTIONS Club is the place to be!

ExtinctionsClub Fossils

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